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Episode#: 94
Title: Respected vs Liked
Description: There is a difference between being respected and being liked. Clint discusses how respect goes a lot further in the long run. While it is nice to be liked as well, ultimately a respectful relationship drives a greater level of success for all parties involved and often lays down a foundation for be liked in the process to boot.
Duration: 11:03
Categories: Personal
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I was introduced to Clint many years ago when he appeared at the ANHA mid year convention in Birmingham. I ordered several videotapes and shared them with my department heads. I could probably find them to be applicable today. Your BMG is more politically correct today than it was then.

I have enjoyed the daily "messages" since I started listening a few weeks ago. The "daily morning meeting" message made me take pause and think about the value of all those folks piled in our conference room. I move along a lot faster than before and I don't allow inane side bars.

I'm getting ready for today’s word, see you later.

-David Johnston