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Episode#: 75
Title: Internet Healthcare Network
Description: Healthcare continuing education is undergoing major strides as a result of ever-increasing demands on our time. Maun-Lemke and the Professional Development Network have teamed to develop as an online alternative where professionals not only get the CEU credits they need, but more importantly, gain immediately usable info and techniques.
Duration: 10:39
Date Aired: Friday, March 27, 2009
Categories: Staffing
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I'm hooked! I've introduced Clintcast to my supervisors and they love it. I've taken 15 minutes out of our meeting to listen to one of your podcasts. I've even sent invitations to other managers in the healthcare field and have received many positive responses for sending such an awesome tool. Clint is very motivational and puts a lot of things into perspective. Keep up the great work. Thanks Clint!

-Lisa Bohlman