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Episode#: 66
Title: Customer Service
Description: Today, Clint speaks again with Brian Lee of Custom Learning Systems Group regarding customer service. As they discuss, world-class customer satisfaction begins with world-class customer service at the level closest to the customer. This, in turn, translates into higher revenues, better employee recruitment/retention, smoother operations, etc. Empowering employees to deliver world-class service pays itself back many times over.
Duration: 13:22
Categories: Customers
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[We] first heard Clint speak at a VHCA seminar 1 year ago - took a suggestion and put it into practice - let staff hire staff - started this immediately after the session - so we finished the year lowering our turnover from 47.4% building wide to 29.7% - and reduced LNA turnover by 13% alone!! Staff very much are vested in new employees and their success is the veteran staff's goal now - much happier workplace as well - not constantly retraining.

-Rose Mary Mayhew