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Episode#: 63
Title: Balance
Description: Achieving balance is a difficult yet crucial ‘active strategy on a daily basis’ in your life’s work. Not only must you find balance for your own self, but you must also maintain your balance within the balances of those around you (sometimes helping them find their own balance in the process). Confusing? Clint helps you get it straight today.
Duration: 10:52
Categories: Personal
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I'm hooked! I've introduced Clintcast to my supervisors and they love it. I've taken 15 minutes out of our meeting to listen to one of your podcasts. I've even sent invitations to other managers in the healthcare field and have received many positive responses for sending such an awesome tool. Clint is very motivational and puts a lot of things into perspective. Keep up the great work. Thanks Clint!

-Lisa Bohlman