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Episode#: 29
Title: Selecting Co-workers
Description: Bringing on new co-workers is best done as a team effort, especially since the whole team will interact with the candidate once the he/she is hired, not just the hiring manager. To this end, it is critical to put in place the necessary skills and procedures to enable this important team function.
Duration: 12:03
Date Aired: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Categories: Staffing
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Clint, thanks for your insight into team building and motivation. I have used your ideas and suggestions with my team in the hospital laboratory and also with my team on the "outside" in my direct selling business. Your messages apply to all areas of life and work, not just in healthcare! I'm so glad you started the website and I like the daily podcasts. We all need to be motivated every day, especially in today's world. Thanks again.

-Luann France-Bryant