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Episode#: 153
Title: Don’t Eat The Young
Description: Human resources (our human assets)... it is our most valuable resource in healthcare. Despite the amazing cost in time and effort to hire, train and retain our healthcare workers, there is still a prevalent tendency out there to ‘eat our young’ (aka haze, mistreat, give a hard time to the very coworkers we also rely on to handle covering shifts and vacations, helping us out with patients, etc). It is time to put an end to this ritual!
Duration: 10:57
Categories: Staffing
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I'm hooked! I've introduced Clintcast to my supervisors and they love it. I've taken 15 minutes out of our meeting to listen to one of your podcasts. I've even sent invitations to other managers in the healthcare field and have received many positive responses for sending such an awesome tool. Clint is very motivational and puts a lot of things into perspective. Keep up the great work. Thanks Clint!

-Lisa Bohlman