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Episode#: 125
Title: Why Transitional Units?
Description: Transitional units are a fascinating part of the long term care continuum that provide many benefits for both the patient and the facility/staff. It is important that they be treated as a discreet portion of the facility as it needs to be a location for hope, where patients can see daily progress toward a transitional goal. Likewise, staff and processes associated with this branch need to be tailored to its specialized tasks/needs. Learn how these can benefit your facility today!
Duration: 11:16
Categories: Marketing
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Thank you. It is like a series of booster shots. I have heard Clint and several of the speakers from your organization over the past several years and find these Clintcasts as refresher courses to reinforce the positive attitude I experience when I have left the programs. -With gratitude. AZ

-Ardene Zion