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Episode#: 114
Title: The Transition Call
Description: There are many, often hidden or little used, ways to market your efforts to drive future business. One of these ways is what is called the ‘transition call’ - when a patient leaves the care of your organization to return home or back to a previous level of independence or care. This is a great opportunity to share your success data with the referring doctor/therapist/etc to help stimulate future referrals.
Duration: 10:29
Categories: Marketing
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Clint, thanks for your insight into team building and motivation. I have used your ideas and suggestions with my team in the hospital laboratory and also with my team on the "outside" in my direct selling business. Your messages apply to all areas of life and work, not just in healthcare! I'm so glad you started the website and I like the daily podcasts. We all need to be motivated every day, especially in today's world. Thanks again.

-Luann France-Bryant