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Episode#: 109
Title: Surveyors As Customers
Description: Many organizations are crippled in fear of the survey - and the personnel that represent it - the surveyors. Today, Clint suggests a tactic for dealing with this issue - treat the surveyors like customers! Surveyors of one type or another are a fact of the healthcare business forevermore. Thus, stop worrying and embrace them instead - you might be surprised!
Duration: 10:31
Date Aired: Thursday, May 14, 2009
Categories: Customers
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Clintcast provides some "sense" to a lot of nonsense and a refocusing when it's all too easy to lose focus and get mired down in alot of stuff! It helps to bring me back to why I went into this business. Many of the webcasts provide a basis for discussion among our department heads. We incorporated two items into our strategic plan-#1-peer review evaluations and #2 peer interview before hire. We have also discussed many, many more topics such as immediately discussing an employee's absence when they return to work-I used it and watched another department head use it. The quiet 15 minutes while listening also serves a stress reducer (levity and relaxing) so that I can tackle the rest of the day. Thanks a million! keep it up!

-Kathy Cianci