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Episode#: 105
Title: Welcoming New Admissions
Description: As the saying goes, first impressions count. What kind of impression is your organization making with new admissions? Are they made to feel welcome and that you are prepared for them or do they feel that are run through the DMV line? Clint gives some pointers on making this critical period successful in your organization.
Duration: 10:42
Categories: Customers
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Every since my director and I met you at our MAHAP Conference in Lansing last fall. First we were talking about you to all our access staff and now thanks to we are listening to you. I 'll be in my office and staff will walk by and say "who is that guy?" and after they stop and listen they're hooked. I am at a time in my career when your humor and good advise keeps the energy flowing!

-Barb Lahti