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Episode#: 53
Title: The Care Crowd Creed
Description: Every organization needs a positive direction and means to get there in order to succeed. Today, Clint lays out words to live by for the Care Crowd itself- 1) Healthcare is cool 2) Customers are great 3) Teaming makes it easier 4) I make a difference. Take a moment to understand the creed points and how you can implement them daily.
Duration: 10:48
Date Aired: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Categories: Personal
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Clint, thanks for your insight into team building and motivation. I have used your ideas and suggestions with my team in the hospital laboratory and also with my team on the "outside" in my direct selling business. Your messages apply to all areas of life and work, not just in healthcare! I'm so glad you started the website and I like the daily podcasts. We all need to be motivated every day, especially in today's world. Thanks again.

-Luann France-Bryant