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Episode#: 52
Title: Seabiscuit
Description: In the case of the famous racehorse, Seabiscuit, it can be viewed that the horse was not the ultimate 'underdog' as portrayed commonly in history. Instead, the case can be made that in fact, the winning pieces were there all along and only needed to be brought together in a 'plan to win'. Our healthcare organizations are often no different. We don't have to accept being placed in an 'underdog' light in order to similarly find the winning strategies and components necessary to overwhelmingly win.
Duration: 10:42
Date Aired: Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Categories: Leadership/Management
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Every since my director and I met you at our MAHAP Conference in Lansing last fall. First we were talking about you to all our access staff and now thanks to we are listening to you. I 'll be in my office and staff will walk by and say "who is that guy?" and after they stop and listen they're hooked. I am at a time in my career when your humor and good advise keeps the energy flowing!

-Barb Lahti