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Episode#: 49
Title: 7 Sets up 17
Description: In healthcare, our customer service goal is to deliver a full 24 hours of quality care. The reality is that out of these 24 hours, 7 hours specifically usually have a profound effect on the effectiveness of the other 17. How we manage our organizations during these critical 7 hours can lead to drastic improvements (or setbacks) in terms of the entire day. Clint gives some insights on how to make these 7 hours pay off.
Duration: 11:01
Date Aired: Thursday, February 19, 2009
Categories: Leadership/Management
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Clintcast is a great way to break up your day and get great insight to many issues involving the healthcare industry. I look forward to reading and listening to Clint every chance I get...What a motivator! We all need a "little" Clint to brighten our day!

-Carol Gomeringer