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Episode#: 47
Title: The Reorganizing Illusion
Description: Not all reorganization efforts actually result in progress. Sometimes they have quite the opposite effect, resulting in 'confusion, inefficiency and demoralization', throwing the organization even further out of whack because they fail to learn from the missteps of the previous situation. Here are some tips for recognizing the signs of successful reorganizations, as well as identifying when things are less than successful in finding a new path forward.
Duration: 10:49
Date Aired: Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Categories: Leadership/Management
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Clintcast provides some "sense" to a lot of nonsense and a refocusing when it's all too easy to lose focus and get mired down in alot of stuff! It helps to bring me back to why I went into this business. Many of the webcasts provide a basis for discussion among our department heads. We incorporated two items into our strategic plan-#1-peer review evaluations and #2 peer interview before hire. We have also discussed many, many more topics such as immediately discussing an employee's absence when they return to work-I used it and watched another department head use it. The quiet 15 minutes while listening also serves a stress reducer (levity and relaxing) so that I can tackle the rest of the day. Thanks a million! keep it up!

-Kathy Cianci