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Episode#: 183
Title: Employee Orientation
Description: Getting new employees up to speed is a critical process, both for the new hire and the current staff. Everyone has lots to gain by getting it right and doing the orientation process effectively. Many organizations skimp on this process as they feel they cannot spare the time and effort while in-transit on the normal processes, but the payoff of bring a new employee on-board in a valued, invested manner will be more than worth it when they are up to speed. Get some hints on the orientation process from Clint today!
Duration: 8:05
Date Aired: Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Categories: Staffing
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[We] first heard Clint speak at a VHCA seminar 1 year ago - took a suggestion and put it into practice - let staff hire staff - started this immediately after the session - so we finished the year lowering our turnover from 47.4% building wide to 29.7% - and reduced LNA turnover by 13% alone!! Staff very much are vested in new employees and their success is the veteran staff's goal now - much happier workplace as well - not constantly retraining.

-Rose Mary Mayhew