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Episode#: 167
Title: Tours in Healthcare
Description: People don’t like being ‘sold’ something, but instead prefer to purchase or buy into a relationship (pull as opposed to push). Marketing our services to potential customers should be no different. Let the prospective customer drive the process based on their interest. To do this, you must be prepared ahead of time to have various staff members (organizational representatives) ready at all times to help interact with the potential customers (again, teaming makes it easier!) and address their inquiries. Get more tips for putting your best foot forward here!
Duration: 10:37
Date Aired: Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Categories: Marketing
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Thank you. It is like a series of booster shots. I have heard Clint and several of the speakers from your organization over the past several years and find these Clintcasts as refresher courses to reinforce the positive attitude I experience when I have left the programs. -With gratitude. AZ

-Ardene Zion