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Episode#: 15
Title: Wizard Yet Fool
Description: We've all seen those workers who may be extremely proficient in their field to the point of wizardry, however, in the field of common personal/professional relations, they fail miserably. How are we to deal with these individuals in our organizations? Clint gives his guidance!
Duration: 12:42
Date Aired: Friday, January 2, 2009
Categories: Personal
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Every since my director and I met you at our MAHAP Conference in Lansing last fall. First we were talking about you to all our access staff and now thanks to we are listening to you. I 'll be in my office and staff will walk by and say "who is that guy?" and after they stop and listen they're hooked. I am at a time in my career when your humor and good advise keeps the energy flowing!

-Barb Lahti